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曾律师多次在上海、苏州、无锡、南京、杭州、宁波、深圳等城市为公司高层管理人员提供法律培训, 是我国*早投入到劳动法理论研究与实务的律师之一,也是中国大陆劳动法界第一位推出劳动合同法培训英文授课公开课的讲师。曾律师在企业法律培训方面积累了较丰富的经验,并致力于中英双语劳动法服务和培训。

Peter Tsong
Attorney at law, PRC

Mr. Tsong,a senior employment attorney known for his integrity,  is able to provide both Chinese and English-delivered complicated legal service and law training. Mr. Tsong began to study employment law when he took his postgraduate courses in Su ZHou University in 2000 and finished his dissertation entitled Regulating Employer-employee Relation under Market Economy By Law in 2001. He began to practice employment law in Shanghai in 2002 and has successfully represented many employees including foreign workers and companies in a number of labor dispute cases. Mr. Tsong had provided legal counsel services for several enterprises with foreign investment. He has developed in-depth skills in handling complicated employment matters and peparing employee handbooks and other relevant documents. His experience includes practice before labor arbitration tribunals, courts of first instance and courts of second instance. His practice covers all phases of HR management, including but not limited to: aribitration & litigation, recruiment, on the job management and separation management..

Mr. Tsong would be invited to give lectures on employment law for HR management in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other cities in China. 

Working language: Chinese and English

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